Friday, August 01, 2008

Welcome to Tombée Du Camion! This incredible shop is located in France, but lucky for us they have a very cool website with lots of fun eye candy! I am absolutely swooning at the site of all the bins in this photo! I wish I could "Bewitched" blink myself into that room!

Look how incredible these vignettes are! From what I can tell the store is chock-a-block full of amazing vintage ephemera, doll pieces, and other rare and fabulous objets d'arte!

These images are just set ups so that they can show their inventory off online, but I happen to think that these images would make lovely prints! Or cards! Something! I just love the design and feel! If you scroll over the images and click on the actual object, more stunning photography will appear.

BTW, I discovered this Tombée Du Camion while persusing a new blog! If you haven't seen Cafe Cartolina yet, run dont walk!

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