Friday, April 28, 2006

Weekly Etsy Artist

We are continuing the Mothers Day theme with what else but Perfume!! But not just any ordinary perfume! Imagine scents like Irish Tweed, or Wood Coffee. Never heard of them before? Well you will now! Modern Atelier is a wonderful one woman perfumery that is now selling on Etsy. A graduate student with a degree in Urban Planning, Amy G. is a self-taught perfumer selling incredibly creative and yes, modern scents using a combination of essential and fragrance oils. The scents she offers are extravigant and unusual. With one whiff all the warm fuzzy feelings you associate with memories and places come flooding back to your mind. Amy even has an entire line of fragrances that are insprired by places in and around Richmond, VA where she lives. (Those ones aren't on Etsy because no one would know the places!!)

In addition to her magical perfumes, Amy also sells reed diffusers, which are great if you prefer to leave an air freshener in a room or can't have candles in your office, etc. The scent you choose is mixed with another ingredient to make it lighter so it will wick up the bamboo reeds. Once it gets to the top of the reed, then lift off!! The fragrance evaporates and "diffuses" into the air. Nice!!!

See ya later Glade! Hello Modern Atelier!

(All images courtesy of Modern Atelier)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Collage A Day keeps the blues away!
I love the idea of making yourself do one creative thing everyday. It takes dedication and inspiration. Randel Plowan is the man behind the A Collage A Day blog. Everyday, without fail, through rain, sleet, snow, glue shortages, whatever, Randel has a new beautiful piece to share with us. Each one is 4"x4" and available for $25.00, including shipping within the US. How can you beat that?

(All images courtesy of Randel Plowman)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What is ETSY anyway??

I realize that Esty has not yet become part of the everyday vernacular, but it will! I am sure that you are starting to see it mentioned all over the place, including on this blog, but do you know exactly what a diamond in the rough this site is? Allow me to enlighten you! is an online venue for all things handmade. No longer does the hand crafter need to fight for the spotlight on other e-commerce sites (Yeah, you know who I am referring to!). Now we have a chance to really be seen and help to support an incredible site.

The team behind Etsy is made up of a bunch of programmers with a dream. The programs they have written to make the site fun and interactive are fresh and creative as the "shop owners" they support! You can opt to shop by location, color, or from a random sampler. There is even a Time Machine to allow you to see items listed on a certain day at a certain time. Etsy is only 10 months old and, at the time I am writting this, has 9566 sellers from all over the world!

Esty is a great resource for anyone looking for cool and unusual Jewelry, hand dyed yarns, hand knit wears, art, homemade bath and beauty, purses, photography . . . I could go on forever. You should really take a browse and see for yourself!

Each week I spotlight a talented ETSY artisan hoping to help the real crafty people out there get a little love. With all of the family holidays coming up, and the numerous birthdays we all buy gifts for every year, make sure you bookmark Etsy, and check back often!!

(ETSY ROCKS badge courtsey of InCraftWeTrust)

Friday, April 21, 2006


Since Mothers Day is May 14th I will be spending the next few weeks focusing on trying to highlight unique Weekly Etsy Artisans who specialize in wares that a mother would love!

Karin Eriksson is a ceramisist living in Sweden. She hand crafts the most amazing pottery, vases, mobiles, teacups, etc. On her Etsy site you will find her tealights, and they are so exquisite! Made from bone china, they are extremely thin. When you place a candle in them they glow from the inside illuminating not only your space, but the patterns and illustrations she has applied to each one. They are dainty and precious. A perfectly charming gift for mom!

(All images courtesy of Karin Eriksson)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Curio J

Curio J is your one stop shop for lovely handmade jewelry. The necklaces have a wonderful typographic quality. All images are delicately hand drawn. The rings are carefully wired and delicate. Perfect for gifties or to spruce up your Spring wardrobe! Many of the items available are one of a kind or of a limited edition! If you fall in love with something, dont hesitate or it may be gone. (I learned this lesson quickly!) The Spring line is now available. Take a peek!

(All images courtesy of Jena Coray)


Alicia Bock is a self-taught photographer who specializes in capturing the gorgeous flowers that grow all around her. Her Etsy store if full of wonderful photography and gift items. I am particulary fond of all of her Orchid shots and bright floral images right now. They scream "SPRING!!" and with all of the rain we have been seeing on the West Coast, they help make the grey days a little brighter!

I also love the little glass pebble magnets with fun birds and text that she is creating! Certainly will liven up a tired magnetic chalk board or fridge! And with all of their happy colors and sayings, they are sure to make you smile!

Also check out this great right up on decor8!!

(All images courtesy of Alicia Bock)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kenichi Hoshine

Meet Kenichi Hoshine my new pal in NYC. Kenichi is a painter ". . . born in Japan, raised in New Jersey and educated in New York."(an excerpt from Kenichis bio) His work is elegant and soulful. There is a wistful nature, a longing or despiration intertwined in his imagery. Almost like a twisted fairytale. Peace. . . but then. . . no.

Picking just a few images to show you here was not easy. Check out Kenichis work on his website, and on A Polite Winter, a website he shares with fellow artist James Jean.

(All images courtesy of Kenichi Hoshine )

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kelly Christy Hats

The arrival of Spring means it is time to start planning for picnics and days at the beach. And all that time in the sun will require you to start keeping your eye out for a new hat to help protect your porcelain skin, right?! Meet Kelly Christy, Milliner extraordinaire!

Kelly is a talented and insightful hat designer with her own studio in the SOHO, NY. For over 20 years she has designed her own creations, and counts Bjork, Iman, Eric Balfour and Kate Capshaw as her clients. She has also collaborated with some of the top fashion designers including Isaac Mizrahi, Kennan Duffy and has teamed up several times with Diane Von Furstenberg. This gals hats will make you feel like sexy and fun, like hollywood royalty no matter who you are! They ooze glamour!! If the ones above are a little too fancy for your pants, check out her more casual everyday straw hats, and others.

The men's line is a total throw back to a time when Bogart was king, and the Rat Pack was running wild! This Springs men's line can be seen at Sieze Sur Vingt and StackHouse (276 Layfayette St.) in NYC.

During a show Apr 2003- June 2004, Kelly'’s Miniature Landscapes series appeared in the National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now at The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. These pieces are the most amazing works! You have not lived until you have seen them in person! The detail and delicateness that IS these creations is mind boggling! Her vision knows no bounds!

If you are going to be in the Pasadena, CA area the first weekend in May, Kelly is having a charity trunk sale, with part of the proceeds going to the Pasadena School District to benefit the Music program. Other events are in the works for her visit out West. Updates will be posted here!

As you can imagine, Kelly's bridal line is to die for!!! You can have a custom hat made by Kelly too! Click here to learn more, or for an appointment contact her at 212 965-0686. You are also welcome to stop by her studio/showroom just to say hello! She is there Monday through Friday from 12 to 6 or on Saturdays from 12 to 5.

(All images courtesy of Kelly Christy)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jane Maxwell

With what I believe to be the ultimate commentary on the jaded views society has of the female form, I present Jane Maxwell. A Mixed Media artist based in Boston, Janes work is my ultimate eye candy, rich with layers and subtleties. Like many of us, she enjoys scavenging through flea markets and has collected a great number of treasures which she incorporates into her work.

Her Doll Deconstruction/Label Series is effective and poignant. Her explanation and thought process is deeply intertwined with the majority of women today and their own body images.

"Paper doll cut-outs, with their perfect, thin bodies and boxes of form-fitting clothes, are used as the central icon in an examination of women and negative body image. The most recent work in this series utilizes vintage food labels that were found at an antique/flea market. Many layers of these labels are first built up on the canvas. Then, using a vintage paper doll as the template, I carve into the layers revealing the silhouette. The food imagery both surrounds and becomes the figure-—effectively dominating her psyche-confronting the ways in which body issues consume and overwhelm many women." -Jane Maxwell, excerpt from the artists statement for this series

Janes work can be seen at the Newton Open Studios May 20-21, 2006. She also will also be part of the "Serious Fun: Whimsical Art by Fine Artists" at Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA in June 2006.
(All images courtesy of Jane Maxwell)