Thursday, April 13, 2006


Alicia Bock is a self-taught photographer who specializes in capturing the gorgeous flowers that grow all around her. Her Etsy store if full of wonderful photography and gift items. I am particulary fond of all of her Orchid shots and bright floral images right now. They scream "SPRING!!" and with all of the rain we have been seeing on the West Coast, they help make the grey days a little brighter!

I also love the little glass pebble magnets with fun birds and text that she is creating! Certainly will liven up a tired magnetic chalk board or fridge! And with all of their happy colors and sayings, they are sure to make you smile!

Also check out this great right up on decor8!!

(All images courtesy of Alicia Bock)


susan said...

Isnt' her work lovely? I just became aquainted with her this past week at a nice stop by and wow, I love her photographs.

Jeniece said...

I'm thinking those bird magnets are the cutest things ever! I'd love to get some of those for the office.

imedaGoze said...

stunning photographs! I like how she transfomed them into fine art prints.