Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What is ETSY anyway??

I realize that Esty has not yet become part of the everyday vernacular, but it will! I am sure that you are starting to see it mentioned all over the place, including on this blog, but do you know exactly what a diamond in the rough this site is? Allow me to enlighten you! Esty.com is an online venue for all things handmade. No longer does the hand crafter need to fight for the spotlight on other e-commerce sites (Yeah, you know who I am referring to!). Now we have a chance to really be seen and help to support an incredible site.

The team behind Etsy is made up of a bunch of programmers with a dream. The programs they have written to make the site fun and interactive are fresh and creative as the "shop owners" they support! You can opt to shop by location, color, or from a random sampler. There is even a Time Machine to allow you to see items listed on a certain day at a certain time. Etsy is only 10 months old and, at the time I am writting this, has 9566 sellers from all over the world!

Esty is a great resource for anyone looking for cool and unusual Jewelry, hand dyed yarns, hand knit wears, art, homemade bath and beauty, purses, photography . . . I could go on forever. You should really take a browse and see for yourself!

Each week I spotlight a talented ETSY artisan hoping to help the real crafty people out there get a little love. With all of the family holidays coming up, and the numerous birthdays we all buy gifts for every year, make sure you bookmark Etsy, and check back often!!

(ETSY ROCKS badge courtsey of InCraftWeTrust)

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├╝bercherry said...

what a great description of etsy - far better than mine, i have to admit! :) your blog looks fantastic, and kudos to you for working so hard to promote etsy! thank you! :)