Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Kelly Christy Hats

The arrival of Spring means it is time to start planning for picnics and days at the beach. And all that time in the sun will require you to start keeping your eye out for a new hat to help protect your porcelain skin, right?! Meet Kelly Christy, Milliner extraordinaire!

Kelly is a talented and insightful hat designer with her own studio in the SOHO, NY. For over 20 years she has designed her own creations, and counts Bjork, Iman, Eric Balfour and Kate Capshaw as her clients. She has also collaborated with some of the top fashion designers including Isaac Mizrahi, Kennan Duffy and has teamed up several times with Diane Von Furstenberg. This gals hats will make you feel like sexy and fun, like hollywood royalty no matter who you are! They ooze glamour!! If the ones above are a little too fancy for your pants, check out her more casual everyday straw hats, and others.

The men's line is a total throw back to a time when Bogart was king, and the Rat Pack was running wild! This Springs men's line can be seen at Sieze Sur Vingt and StackHouse (276 Layfayette St.) in NYC.

During a show Apr 2003- June 2004, Kelly'’s Miniature Landscapes series appeared in the National Design Triennial: Inside Design Now at The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. These pieces are the most amazing works! You have not lived until you have seen them in person! The detail and delicateness that IS these creations is mind boggling! Her vision knows no bounds!

If you are going to be in the Pasadena, CA area the first weekend in May, Kelly is having a charity trunk sale, with part of the proceeds going to the Pasadena School District to benefit the Music program. Other events are in the works for her visit out West. Updates will be posted here!

As you can imagine, Kelly's bridal line is to die for!!! You can have a custom hat made by Kelly too! Click here to learn more, or for an appointment contact her at 212 965-0686. You are also welcome to stop by her studio/showroom just to say hello! She is there Monday through Friday from 12 to 6 or on Saturdays from 12 to 5.

(All images courtesy of Kelly Christy)

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