Friday, April 21, 2006


Since Mothers Day is May 14th I will be spending the next few weeks focusing on trying to highlight unique Weekly Etsy Artisans who specialize in wares that a mother would love!

Karin Eriksson is a ceramisist living in Sweden. She hand crafts the most amazing pottery, vases, mobiles, teacups, etc. On her Etsy site you will find her tealights, and they are so exquisite! Made from bone china, they are extremely thin. When you place a candle in them they glow from the inside illuminating not only your space, but the patterns and illustrations she has applied to each one. They are dainty and precious. A perfectly charming gift for mom!

(All images courtesy of Karin Eriksson)

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DesignGal said...

Her work is GORGEOUS, very beautiful items she has!