Friday, April 28, 2006

Weekly Etsy Artist

We are continuing the Mothers Day theme with what else but Perfume!! But not just any ordinary perfume! Imagine scents like Irish Tweed, or Wood Coffee. Never heard of them before? Well you will now! Modern Atelier is a wonderful one woman perfumery that is now selling on Etsy. A graduate student with a degree in Urban Planning, Amy G. is a self-taught perfumer selling incredibly creative and yes, modern scents using a combination of essential and fragrance oils. The scents she offers are extravigant and unusual. With one whiff all the warm fuzzy feelings you associate with memories and places come flooding back to your mind. Amy even has an entire line of fragrances that are insprired by places in and around Richmond, VA where she lives. (Those ones aren't on Etsy because no one would know the places!!)

In addition to her magical perfumes, Amy also sells reed diffusers, which are great if you prefer to leave an air freshener in a room or can't have candles in your office, etc. The scent you choose is mixed with another ingredient to make it lighter so it will wick up the bamboo reeds. Once it gets to the top of the reed, then lift off!! The fragrance evaporates and "diffuses" into the air. Nice!!!

See ya later Glade! Hello Modern Atelier!

(All images courtesy of Modern Atelier)


Amy said...

Wow! Thanks so much for featuring me. It's an honor. I hope you don't mind that I copied the post into my own blog (with a link to yours, natch)!

jenny vorwaller said...

;)) amy is great! i met her at the richmond spring bada bing fair, and i ended up with her moroccan orange scent that is sooooo wonderful, i've worn it everyday since it came home to me!

;) not to mention the bottles look so pretty behind my vanity mirror ;)

this is such a sweet thing to do michelle! i love finding new artists on etsy, so many to find...