Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kenichi Hoshine

Meet Kenichi Hoshine my new pal in NYC. Kenichi is a painter ". . . born in Japan, raised in New Jersey and educated in New York."(an excerpt from Kenichis bio) His work is elegant and soulful. There is a wistful nature, a longing or despiration intertwined in his imagery. Almost like a twisted fairytale. Peace. . . but then. . . no.

Picking just a few images to show you here was not easy. Check out Kenichis work on his website, and on A Polite Winter, a website he shares with fellow artist James Jean.

(All images courtesy of Kenichi Hoshine )


decor8 said...

These are real swoonworthy Miss Michelle.
Gosh I've missed you lately. How are things anyway? I'm trying to come out to CA this summer, maybe late August early September so we're having dinner girl.

BTW - write me will ya? :)

K. said...

Those paintings are incredible. I love the second one.

joy said...

beautiful paintings...i really love these..

eurobrat said...

Oh my. The last image is breathtaking. Merci!