Saturday, November 04, 2006

Holiday Buying Ideas-1

I think that this has been a most amazing year for the online craft community! We all discovered Etsy, which led to the discovery of some of the most talented people I know! I plan on featuring a bunch of them throughout the holiday season to encourage everyone to buy handmade this year. There is nothing quite as special as one of a kind art, jewels, clothes, accessories, etc. These are very talented people, and this is our opportunity to really support them!!!

My first shop choice is my friend Hannah of HannahMade. You have never seen craftsmanship or color selection like this girl can do! All of her pieces are one of a kind and made using antique beads and semi-precious stones. I am a HannahMade addict! I wear her earrings every sinlge day, and I have my eye on just about everything she makes! I want it all! And so will you!

Hannah also does custom designs. She loves to create pieces specifically for the recipient using them as her muse. You would never believe that your portrait could be conveyed in a piece of jewlery, until you meet this girl!

Hannahs jewels would be a fantastic gift for anyone one your list! Be sure to click on over and check out her brand new shop.


thesoulofhope said...

ooooh! I love it here - your posts are all so wonderful!!

KJ said...

I woke up this morning and thought, "Okay, since Etsy is down this morning, I'll catch up on some blog-reading."

Well, in practically every single blog I've visited, there's been a recommendation for an awesome seller on Etsy...and a link to yet another shop I'm unable to check out until Monday!

Which proves: I'm not the only one who misses Etsy already and...just how cool Etsy is.

Thanks for the recommendation, even if I'll have to wait to see the shop!

love.boxes said...

Beutiful post! :)

ambika said...

Thanks so much for the recommendation. I'm very much hoping to buy as much handmade as possible this year and this jewelry looks absolutely scrumptious.

Holly Stinnett said...

What a lovely post. Oh boy do I agree 100%. We are so fortunate to have found each other. It's definitely something to be thankful and happy about. :)

Anonymous said...

can you give me her email i would love to sell those wonderfull jewels in my shop in France?