Monday, December 18, 2006

Curbly Rocks Christmas!

As far as online communities go, I have seen the good, the bad and the just plain confusing!!! I have, however, found the pretty and the sleek too! If you are not a friend of Curbly, then you should get on over and check it out! Curbly is a site dedicate to the pursuit of design and problem solving. You can find all kinds of answers to your interior dilemnas, or ask someone who can help! These are the friendliest folks in cyberspace!!! You have nothing to fear! Carpet in the bathroom??? They have seen it all and can help you make your home beautiful, and stink free!

To help celebrate the Holidays, the guys at Curbly have kicked off their first Holiday Contest! You get to create your very own Christmas wishlist, and they will buy it all for you! Can't get better than that!!! Hurry, you have to have your list in by 12/25!!

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cruststation said...

Great link, some lovely interior design images thanks.