Monday, January 21, 2008

A girlfriend of mine is expecting a baby boy in March, and we were just discussing how owl crazy we both are. Here are a few boy-centric owl delights I found on Etsy. Maybe there is something here for the nursery???

This print by BadBird would be super cute in a bright red frame.

This Linen Tea Towels would be really cute converted into a pillow!

Who wouldn't want to lounge around in this adorable Lounge Set from Mountain Aven Baby??

This BirdNerd print is gorgeous!

This Hootie the Owl collection would be a fab gift!

Make a sweet owl friend for baby using this awesome Owl Kit from Atelier Chouette. It comes complete with everything you need!

These would so sweet to keep toes warm!!

Lets face it, it never hurts to write things down, especially right after baby arrives! These To-DO list pads from BoyGirl Party are adorable!

A great shower gift for the owl enthusiast mommy-to-be would be these Monogrammed Organic Cotton Burp Cloths!

I am totally in love with everything from Marisa at Creative Thursday!
This White Owl Print would be so sweet in a little boys room!

Want to do a search of your own owl goodies?? Click Here!

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Shannon said...

Adorable. I too love owls!

Lovely Paper said...

hi! i saw this seller on etsy,, and it made me think of this post. Enjoy!

Isabel Aven said...

hey thanks! what a lovely compilation of owls :-)

blair at mountain aven baby

emily - Wide Open Spaces said...

what is in the water? i, too, have a thing for owls...