Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Daily Paintings

Brown Egg On Plate

Justin Clayton made a New Years resolution to paint each and everyday, and voila, Daily Paintings was born! True to his promise, he has painted a small portrait each day since January 1, 2006. Each day one of these beautiful works is uploaded to his blog and available for purchase. You ca even sign up for email notifications so that you can be the first to see his daily postings! I am dying to get my hands on one! They are so wonderful in their simplicity!

Two Nectarines

Last week Justin posted a time lapsed video documenting the process of painting one of his works. For me the experience of watching him work is magical. You really get a sense of technique and scale. I was mesmerized watching the image unfold and am so glad that he thought to video the process!

Justins work is so very inspiring. I admire his commitment! You can read an excellent interview that Holly over at decor8 had with Justin back in April here.
(All images courtesy of Justin Clayton)


Sarah e.Smith said...

I have recently discovered your blog and have had a wonderful time looking around...the links that you post up are fabulous...thanks for sharing :) Back to browsing...

nikki said...

Duane Keiser, an art professor in Richmond, VA, has been doing daily paintings for several years now.His stuff is great--I'm kind of addicted and have purchased 3 so far.

Nancy said...

I was going to mention Duane Keiser as well, but nikki beat me to it.

Peter Yesis said...

Thanks for posting the daily painting piece. Justin And Duane are two artists that all of us other "daily painters" aspire to.
I am following their lead. Though I walk at a much slower pace.
Great and interesting blog. I'll visit again.

Derek McCrea said...

I am a watercolor artist with a blog at

Please take a look if you get the chance, I would love to swap links with your site.

Derek McCFrea