Friday, August 25, 2006

Alicia Paulson Studio

I know that most of the crafty/design blog community is very familiar with Alicia Paulson and her blog, Posie Gets Cozy, but for some reason I have not caught on. I must have been in a coma! What a treausre trove of wonderful anecdotes, imagery and cooking pictures that will make your mouth water!

Alicia also has an online boutique called Rosy Little Things where she sells a wide variety of sweet handmade goods all created in her home studio, which brings me to my point! Is this NOT the most gorgeous studio you have every seen!!!?

I am so in awe of how perfectly lovely the environment is! So soothing and calm. I would never think to use such a bold color in my studio space, but this has changed my perspective! I think that the creative touches, like having the slippers on the wall for extra storage, really help to inspire. All of the beautiful papers, notions, bobbins and fabrics are such eye candy. It sure makes for a beautiful space! Well done!

I wanted to share the discovery of this space with you becasue I think that having an environment to work in that stimulates your creative juices is so important. Sometimes it is hard with all of the stuff we collect to create with, but Alicia proves that it can be done BEAUTIFULLY! (I am so jealous!)

To see more photos of the details of the space, click here!
(All images courtesy of Alicia Paulson)


Mousie said...

everything here is sweet, interesting, beautiful, intelligent...
i'll come back
see you

Arch said...

I totally agree with you that one needs to surround oneself with things that inspire.

I also discovered Alicia's blog better late than never.

I found you through decor8. Great blog.

Catalina6 said...

Beautiful studio space. This color or the slightly darker shade we call Amish Blue in my family, makes a wonderful kitchen color, too. Pretty inspiring studio. Thanks for posting this.

"Netta's Creations" said...

Yes her studio is lovely, If I had one like this - I would never leave.......