Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bags of Gold!!

I am a certified bag nut! I love them, and covet them, but I rarely ever use them! I love bright patterns, fresh designs, good construction and lots of pockets! Here are a few bag options that will ensure the bag doesn't end up on a hook on the back of the door!

These Plastic Baggie Sleeves clip directly onto your dogs leash! And although it wont pick up your pup's business for you, you'll never find yourself in a sticky situation.

I have been eyeing one of these Car Litter Bags from Allyson Hill for a certain someone who just traded in her car for a shiny new one. (If you are reading this-look away!) And you know I would need one too. Although Allyson's shop is all sold out of these lovelies right now, she does custom orders, so contact her through Etsy and pick your favorite fabric from her huge offering! **This just in: Allyson just wrote to let me know that she will be re-stocking here Car Litter Bags very shortly, so keep your eyes peeled before they are all snatched up!**

Bet you never thought you would covet something that even came close to resembling a fanny pack, but I can see how useful this Vanetti Hip Bag from Rubyzaar would be! I love the funkyness of it, and the green suede is certainly swoon worthy.

I love the idea of a knitting needle organizer specifically for the larger circular needles! This one from Granny's Chamber really does look like something that could have been passed down from your Grandmother!

And who doesn't have some clutter in their bag that needs catching?? This Clutter Catcher from Chic Boutique is so cute and retro! How can you resist??

Finally, these two totally different passport covers will make sure that you CANT forget to take it with you!! Pictured above is Tiny Meat's more traditional take is fun and colorful. The padded vinyl case has 2 additional pockets for extras like ID and cash. The inside is made from paint chips! How's that for recycling????

This Vintage Jersey Passport Pocket from InCraft We Trust is made from fabrics passed down from the designers 88 year old Grandmother, and serves many a purpose. I bought one and use it as a home for my iPod!

(Images from each individual seller)


Funky Finds said...

So many terrific goodies! I especially love that hot fabric on the car litter bag. Honestly when I first read that I thought you were writing about a cat litter bag for the car. You can understand my initial confusion! LOL :) Yes, I'm in dire need of a long weekend ;)

kirsten said...

how do i not hate that 'fanny pack'?
bags rock.

jenny vorwaller said...

i *love* rubyzaar's beautiful belt! thats gorgeous! (and the green!!)

"Netta's Creations" said...

I loveeeeeeee that hip bag