Monday, September 18, 2006

R. Chunn

I really admire painters who use oils as their medium. I wish I had the ability to be so realistic when rendering a jar, or an apple. R. Chunn has a way of making his quick draw paintings gorgeous. He paints each one in a single sitting. His collection of fun tins, bottles, jars and objet d'art make for great studies in his pieces! My favorite part of the paintings is the use of familiar objects, without all of the typography and labeling. Who doesn't know that the bottle in the top piece, the one on the left, is some kind of flavoring, like vanilla. And that the jar on the far right below . . . Grey Poupon!

You can see images of his painting process on his great blog Alla Prima Painting, And fun drawings and watercolor sketches at his other blog Freehand. Check 'em out! I find both very interesting and inspiring!

(All images courtesy of Alla Prima Painting)

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Anonymous said...

I just saw his work the other day on Flickr.. Fantastic - underpriced in my estimation- his work is so good.. He could also license these images.. PATROU