Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halloween Treats!

Halloween is a time for the unexpected! An opportuinty for EVERYONE to be creative and express a part of themselves that is really only supposed to come out and say Hi! once a year! It is awesome to peruse the Etsy pages and see what the crafty kids are up to! This is a huge sampling of stuff available on the site, but I love it all and simply could not pick and choose! Enjoy!

Reckon.etsy.com is offering an awesome Vincent Price
silkscreened t-shirt! How very Edward Scissorhands!

Mikel Robinson is one of my greatest inspirations.
His works are so unique and haunting! You have to see it to believe it!

PBCB Studios celebrates Dio de Los Muertos with this traditionally
Mexican inspired watercolor original painting!
There are so many details in the piece, everytime you look at it you see something new! It is gorgeous!

I think I might NEED one of these fab shirts from Crystal J.!
I love the hearts for eyes! A tender twist to this scary Halloween staple!

These felted Eyeball earrings from Knit Knit are so creepy!
I cant imagine how fun they will be dangling from an earlobe!!

This knife weidling bunny necklace is so Fatal Attraction!
Created by Unpopular Belief, it is disturbing on so many levels!
Well done!

Rachael Sudlow never fails to impress! Her "Tricks For Treats" tag gets
the family pet in on the fun! Or hang it from your
keychain and see who in your day challenges you to perform a trick!
You had better be prepared with something fun!

And finally, I am throwing one of my pieces into the mix. This print of the spooky Belles is totally creepy! They are just about to beckon you to come and play with them in the attic! Do you dare???

(All images courtesy of each individual artist)

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Funky Finds said...

ok, those eyeballs are fun in a kooky way, but that rabbit freaks me out! as do your twins there!!!