Thursday, October 12, 2006

Knit with love!
For the last 4 years SuperNaturale has taken scarf & hat donations for their annual drive that benefits Sanctuary For Families, an organization that provides many services for battered women and their children. (To learn more about the drive, click here.) To help you get started, here are some great resources, places that in my current learning phase of knitting (beginner!) I look to for inspiration.

Jen Stafford, The domiKNITrix, has a naughty approach to her knitting! Her patterns are fun and fresh! Check out this Devil Hat, just in time for Halloween! There is also a modified version, the Snow Devil, with long straps for the cheeky snowboarder in us all! If, like me, you aren't a seasoned knitter, then check out the 6 free easy scarf patterns that are great for learning simple techniques while knitting something for a good cause!

Yarn-A-Go-Go has a great description of taking patterns you like, and combining them. I love this idea because it allows you to be creative and design your own look without having to know how to do the figuring of an all new pattern!

Of course Knitty is always a fantabulous resource for fun, free patterns. I am always ooohhhing and aaahhhing over the images, and then I realize that my day job would never alow for me to make all of the fabulous knitted things that I am tempted to embark on! I must remember, one at a time!!!

In addition to the temptation of amazing patterns, amazing yarn is also a trigger for me. I covet yarn! It is so soft and cuddly, who wouldn't want it all to themselves!!! There are tons of places to find new, cool combinations. Here are some I enjoy!

Luxe Fibre is a great resource for hand spun and hand dyed yarns. Natasha Fialkov is passionate about spinning very colorful and luxurious combinations of yarns which she also knits into fantastic items she sells in her Etsy shop.

Fearless Fibers has tons of colorful sock weight yarns! Every skein is hand dyed or hand painted. Your dilemma will be how to resist every luscious color!

JuJu Knits offers affordable Merino Wools that are each dyed in a rainbow of hues. Each skein is 440 yards, plenty to knit any 1 skein project!

If you decide that knitting a scarf to donate to SuperNatural is something you would like to do, I would love to see what you are working on! Email me a pic of your project with the correct credit, and I'll post it up!
(All images courtesy of each individual site)

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