Monday, September 18, 2006

R. Chunn

I really admire painters who use oils as their medium. I wish I had the ability to be so realistic when rendering a jar, or an apple. R. Chunn has a way of making his quick draw paintings gorgeous. He paints each one in a single sitting. His collection of fun tins, bottles, jars and objet d'art make for great studies in his pieces! My favorite part of the paintings is the use of familiar objects, without all of the typography and labeling. Who doesn't know that the bottle in the top piece, the one on the left, is some kind of flavoring, like vanilla. And that the jar on the far right below . . . Grey Poupon!

You can see images of his painting process on his great blog Alla Prima Painting, And fun drawings and watercolor sketches at his other blog Freehand. Check 'em out! I find both very interesting and inspiring!

(All images courtesy of Alla Prima Painting)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

decor8 contest!!!!!

Not too long ago I posted about being inspired by
Alicia Paulson's awesome studio space, and today I see that decor8, in conjunction with Fabulous Stationery, is holding a workspace contest!!!!! They want to see where you do all the things you do! Get ready!! There are fantastic prizes and I am sure all of the entries are going to be fun too see!

So get to tidying! Your entries have to be in by Sept. 29th. Click over to decor8 for more details!

(All images courtesy of decor8)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Artist, Emerging

As artists and creative thinkers, we tend to mostly want to concentrate on our crafts, rather than all of the technical and bureaucratic issues that can arise when we have to perform non-expressive tasks. Deanna Wood has created Artist, Emerging. This fairly new blog is designed to help give step-by-step guidance, moral support, and informative tidbits to all of us overwhelmed by the business aspects that we creative thinkers encounter while away from our respective easels, sewing machines, glue guns, etc.

Stumped on how to tackle writing your Artist Statement?

Need help writing your resume?

It is never easy to put yourself out into the competitive world, by this guide will help you to see the value in rejection.

And of course, at some point we will all need to write a resume.

There is even a stress free guide to hanging your artwork! For me, this in invaluable!

Occasionally there will be artist interviews, and I am more than excited to be the current artist featured.

Now go, read the wonderful guides, and reap the benfits of all Deannas hard work!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pointy Kitty Pattern

I have had an itch lately to learn how to sew and this ADORABLE kitty isnt helping! Wee Wonderfuls has posted a free pattern to help you create your very own Pointy Kitty!! There is also a Flickr group showing a lot of the fun versions people have created. They make me want to purrrrrr!
(All images courtesy of Craftzine, via Melissa at Fehr Trade)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chris Brindley


Chris Brindley is an Illustrator and Fine Artist living in Maryland. His works are quirky and inventive. All of his subjects are just a little off. They are quick views into an upside down world.


He began his shop on etsy because he "decided it was time to share my weird side with the world." Aren't you glad he did??
(Images courtesy of Chris Brindley )