Saturday, March 17, 2007

Felt Club Auctions!

Right now, stop what you are doing, and click over to the Felt Club Auctions!! Vendors and friends of Felt Club have donated their wares to help raise money to pay fines that were levied against the So. Cal. Craft Fair for posting flyers last year. Only 4 flyers, so far, have received violations, and the total is already up to $600.00!! Yowser! So this is your chance to do help out an awesome group, while making your friends extremely jealous when they see the cool stuff you scored! But you had better hurry! The auctions end Sunday March 18th at 6pm pacific! So what are you waiting for??

Lot# 1

Lot# 2

Lot# 3

The 2007 schedule for this years Felt Club events is also now available! Be sure to check their website for all news and updates! Happy bidding!

(All images courtesy of Felt Club)

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