Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Barnsdall Art Market

This past weekend I got to check out the Barnsdall Art Market. I happy to report that it was a lovely show! There were many artists whose work I had never seen before and a few that I really love. The location was awesome and really very cool. Each vendor was placed in their own slot, bordered on either side by trees, creating a very boutiquey kind of feel. While I liked this aspect, I wish there had been a center row of tents to help create more interaction and activity. The shows I enjoy the most are the ones where there is a lot of bustling activity and interaction with my fellow shoppers/vendors. Not sure f a center aisle would be possible, but something I hope the event planners would consider for future events.

The genre of artisans at the event was quite varied. Here are a few of my favorite discoveries from the day:

This is Emilyn Eto. Her screen prints are simply divine!

I had never seen brokesy Attack Pillows before! I loved them all! Cant wait to have a baby to buy for! These would be so cute in a childs room!

Tyler Bender is busy taking the craft world by storm! I have been running into him all over the web lately! This was the first time I got to check out his journals in person, and they are really cool. They are perfect gifts for all occasions!

Denise Young had a bunch of new pillows to share! They are divine! I love her combination of textures and pattern. They are so sophisticated and lovely!

Scott Milleris a mixed media artist who creates GORGEOUS mixed media paintings! The photo does not do them justice. They are so very beautiful in person!

The lovely ladies from Crown-E has very pretty jewelry to share, but I was particularly taken with this awesome handbag that opened perfectly wide if you criss-crossed the handles. Never lose your cell phone to the deep dark abyss that is the bottom of your purse again! Genius!

I know this was the first of several shows to come and I really hope that it evolves into a regular bustling event. Future dates for the Art Market are October 21st, and December 16th.
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star said...

oh my gosh i love that bag!
and i can only imagine how stunning those paintings must have been! they look so incredible in the pictures. that probably would have killed me to walk away and not buy one. are they as textured as they look?

stilettoheights said...

That bag...OMG I love it, is too weak a word!!!

amber said...

so much fun! what a great market - I'm in love with that red & white circle screen print!

brokesy said...

hi michelle!

thanks so much for posting about my pillows! i just wanted to let you know the name's "brokesy", not brooksy.

thank you!!