Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Book review: The Kennedys By Richard Avedon

I was recently sent a copy of the newest Kennedy Book to have hit the market called The Kennedys, Portrait of a Family which is a gorgeous collection of photos taken in the early 1960s by Richard Avedon. This shoot took place a few months before Kennedy was inaugurated into the White House, for an article in Harper's Bazaar. Upon opening the pages for the first time I was immediately overwhelmed by how intimate the images are. This is a very young family with an incredible legacy, and having the knowledge of the fates of all involved, it is emotionally gripping to see baby John in his fathers arms, and little Caroline holding newborn brother! Forget how stunning Jackie was. Your jaw will drop!

I have never seen images of the Kennedys that are so absolutely soulful. Avedon really captured a tenderness that I think all families can related to. In the end, put aside all of the grandeur and mystery that surrounds the surname, this is a family that at the core is like any of us. They loved each other, and it is evident in these pages.

Also, it doesn't hurt that I am a portrait freak and flipping through the pages makes my mind reel with possibilities! Oh how I would love to blow up one of these images huge and do a piece! Wow, I am actually drooling at the thought!

If you or anyone you know is like me, you have to check out this book. Really, it is quite the eye candy!

**this book was sent to me directly by the publisher in hopes that if I liked it, I would talk about it here. They have in no way paid me to talk about this book, unless you count sending me a free copy, which in that case, they bribed me silly. This is my honest opinion, not that I am a expert. I just think you might enjoy it as I did. ;)

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