Monday, May 22, 2006

Designers Tea at Rumba, Santa Monica

I want to share with you some wonderful photos of the Designers Tea that took place on Sunday at Rumba in Santa Monica, CA. First off, Rumba is an awesome store filled with art, home accessories, and refurbished vintage pieces. Everything old is new again with wonderful fabrics and finishes! You can read an interview with Kimba, owner of Rumba, from March on Apartment Therapy LA.

Second, featured at the Tea where Henry Road, Moye Thompson and Susan Fama. I originally was introduced to Henry Road in April on decor8. The bold patterns and colors are so fun for your table, couch or anywhere you need a sprinkling of color! I love the idea shown here of hanging a tablecloth as wall art.

Make sure you check out the store and each designer. They are all small businesses, run by very talented women who do it all themselves! They deserve our support!

(All images courtesy of Paula Smail)


cruststation said...

Fantastic wall art, so creative!

decor8 said...

wow michelle i wish i was in so cal with you sometimes... you go to the neatest places.

did you see my post on the knit cafe today? i was thinking about you as i wrote it... have you been there before? it's in la on melrose ave. they're having an event on june 7, you should totally go.

when are you coming to the east coast?


imedaGoze said...

those bold patterns are definitely fun!

Seth said...

Love your posts. Some of the work is so inspiring and it makes me jealous I am stuck out in Virginia. Live it up!