Monday, May 08, 2006

Kelly Christy Hats Trunk Show

Just a quick post of photos from this weekends trunk show. The event was tons of fun! Lots of people came out for a great cause and we had a ball trying on different hats. I found it to be really amazing how each persons demanure and personailty changed with each hat they tried on.
I scored an Antique Straw Beach Hat. (One day I will post a pic!) I also ordered an awesome mens fedora that is being made specially for my noggin! Now THAT I am excited to wear!! With summer coming, these hats will be getting their use!!

One of Kellys awesome art hats was on display. Her new Goat Herder Scene is so cute! It was really nice to see one of these hats in person.

You can see more of Kellys creations on her website.

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cally said...

Hey, I made it over to this blog too (from your other one). More goodies and I think I'll have to blog about the blue hat of Kelly's, I'm a sucker for vlues and birds so it's my ideal combo.