Friday, May 19, 2006


I came across Magic Jelly a few weeks ago and am so excited to the wonderful work with you! Magic Jelly is the brainchild of Karena, an Australian Illustrator who spends her days in front of the computer, and her free time emmersed in her craft. So far away and yet I feel we have so much in common! Her bio on Etsy Karena confesses to being happy when things are their messiest! I can related. You know you have done a good days work when you cant see the floor! ;)

In Karenas store you will find Greeting Cards and prints of her favorite works. Each print is one of a limited print run and numbered. It is also possible to personalize any of her prints with a name for a sweet, personalized gift.

Magic jelly offers this image as both a print and a greeting card! Perfect for Fathers Day wouldn't you say???
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I swear I have not fallen off the face of the Earth! Just been very busy and have had no time for fun and games. :( I miss my blogs!!! Thank you for bearing with me and checking in every now and then!!!


zimbolazimbolo said...

hi, thanks for featuring karena.....

and btw....nice work yourself too

utopiababbon said...

Thank you for your feature on 'magic-jelly"
she is truely worth the praise as well as the purchases.....

I might also add that your work is very professional as well, and i wish you the best of luck also.

MagicJelly said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for featuring me...I'm honoured! You've got a great blog here & it's so nice to see someone supporting fellow artists. I was just reading all your entries, so many pretty things...I love that Pillows for the People shop!

I agree with Zimm too, your artwork is absolutely beautiful! :)

susan said...

i adore this soldier with the love spray. totally wicked!

Znow said...

Excellent exposé on Karena and thankyou for giving her the a place in your blog..

I must say that your work is really inspirational as well as beautiful.


Love the soldier !!
Bravo !


decor8 said...

michelle you have the cutest taste... i totally understand what you mean about dropping off the face of the earth, it's tough to be an artist/designer and maintain a blog. but i'm so happy you do it.

we have to chat again on the phone. girl gossip is always fun.